• Forwarding

    Forwarding service from «Novatrans» represents the activity of the organization of transport with the participation of different types of transport. This transportation is provided by the principle "door to door". Throughout the route of cargo carried a several operations are done in preparation for shipment, transshipment, and warehousing.

    As part of the service "Forwarding" company «Novatrans» provides the following types of cargo transportation: by sea, road, rail, air transportation. This includes transportation of hazardous and other outsize goods. Also includes: service of route optimization, alignment of delivery details, organization of land and sea freight, covering documentation, registration of exports and imports, in-port forwarding, passing through customs formalities without delay, any kind of goods support.

    Storage service is an integral part of transportation of any commodity. «Novatrans» provides specialized logistics service for every type of cargo: from the food groups to toxic. Our warehouses may store goods for a long time in any quantity in individual areas.

    When forming the order we are advising clients in selection of logistics routes and insurance of the goods for the period of its transportation. For permanent clients is free.

  • Sea Freight

    «Novatrans» offers transportation of goods by sea through an wide network of agencies and warehouses. We provide shipping of all groups of goods in containers of any type.

    Thanks to international contacts with agents of shipping lines, we guarantee excellent service and fundamental accuracy in freight service. You can select the delivery route through the main commercial ports of the world: from Southeast Asia to the U.S. and Canada, from India and Turkey to South America.

    The presence of accumulated international relations of the company «Novatrans» enables clients to send and receive goods at the lowest rates at high speed around the world. Our forwarders will advise you on customs clearance and offer a choice of the best options for routes.

    In the service "Sea Freigt", we offer:

    Container transport 20 ', 40', 40 'High Cube;

    Container transport Flat Rack and Open Top for outsized goods;

    Container transport of consolidated cargoes (LCL);

    Development of transport routes;

    Cargo insurance;

    Delivery of goods by road from the sea ports.

    «Novatrans» cooperates with a large number of container lines: MAERSK, Evegreen, CMA, CGM, China Shipping, and many others. We are containers of all types and purposes.

  • Trucking

    Worldwide, road transport is the most rapid means of delivery. «Novatrans» offers services for road transport for many years. Our long-term partners are the international transport companies with extensive experience and worldwide reputation.

    You can make the transportation of goods both domestically and abroad. This may be also multimodal transportation "door to door" that requires clarity among all acting parts.

    We will provide a on time supply of the vehicle and provide the types and number of vehicles that are dictated by the volume and nature of traffic.

    When forming each route our forwarders are paying close attention to the safety of cargo. We are tracking goods in real time, ensuring that actual information provided to the client.

  • Rail transportation

    Rail company «Novatrans» are most suitable for the reliable forwarding of large volumes of cargo over long distances. The relative cheapness of this kind of transportation allows it to be an excellent alternative to air transportation.

    The most appropriate use of rail transport is as part of multimodal transportation. Then we will deliver your cargo “door to door”.

  • Air Freight

    Air transportation is extremely efficient when sending the goods to the limited time. Nevertheless, it is the most expensive type of transport.

    «Novatrans» carries receipt of goods at the airport of Helsinki. The company has a contracts with ground services,that are loading and unloading aircraft.

  • Warehousing

    «Novatrans» offers warehousing services along the route. Within this service we provide transshipment of cargo, its weighting and additional examinations, including surveyors.This comprehensive approach reduces the risk of additional stopovers and other delays.

    Despite the fact that we operate in a international transport mode, all of our partners provide us with personal storage space at any time without prior reservation.

    About a quarter of all cargo coming from Europe to Russia, passes through the biggest transit Finnish port of Kotka. «Novatrans» has bonded with an area of 5000 square meters, at the port city of Kotka, and also in the port of Hamina. Port of Hamina – it is also an integrated warehouse service center. It is located 35 km from the Russian border and has a regular sea, road and rail connection in all directions.

    All storage systems fully comply with international standards and have the address storage system. Depending on the product group it is stored in a separate room with appropriate temperature control. In accordance with the client’s needs «Novatrans» conducts pallet assemble of goods to be placed on the selected area.

    Within the warehouse service «Novatrans» offers: cargo handling (from loadings and unloadings to the placement and shipment), storage and inventory, completion of orders (including all necessary documentation).

  • Consulting

    «Novatrans» specializes in the international carriage of goods. We offer services from the forwarding of the goods to customs clearance and storage in warehouses.

    Our basic rule in the work lies in the fact that we provide the client only the service that they actually need.

    You can contact us:

    through the site «Novatrans»;

    Email: info@novatrans.fi ;

    telephone in Finland: +358-5230-8300;

    visiting the office: Finland-48310, Kotka, Merituulentie 424.

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